Saving money on fuel | Motoring Tips

Saving money on fuel | Motoring Tips

Save Money on Petrol and Diesel

Reduce your fuel costsWith the spiralling cost of fuel at the pump reaching record levels, keeping your car on the road is getting more expensive each day. With many people needing their car to drive to work, drive to the supermarket or even visit friends and family, the monthly fuel costs soon add up to a large amount of your budget. Below are a few tips and ideas to help reduce your fuel costs.

Other than travelling less by car by using public transport, there are two ways to save fuel:

Make your car more efficient

  • Keep your tyres inflated, low pressure in your tyres can cause more drag making you use more fuel and make you need to buy a new tyre sooner.
  • Keeping your car clear of clutter is also a good idea, the extra weight given by unneeded items in the car can cause the car to use more fuel to provide you with the power to drive.
  • Remove the roof rack if you don’t need it, and keep the windows closed when possible.
  • Don’t fill the tank to the top, this may sound bizarre but really, the heavier the car the more fuel it uses, so while it has a full tank you are in fact using more fuel that you would when it’s half empty. Of course keep enough fuel so you don’t get stranded at any time.
  • Turn the air conditioner off at lower speeds as to run the air conditioner the car uses more fuel.

Efficient Driving

  • Accelerate slowly without over revving the engine, by building your speed up gradually, you avoid using excess fuel. The reason being when you push your foot down harder on the pedal, more fuel flows into the engine. A general rule of thumb is to aim below 3,000 revs.
  • Always drive in the correct gear as it means the engine has less work to do for the same performance.
  • Slow down naturally when possible, rather than using the brakes, try using the cars momentum when possible
  • When stuck in a large traffic jam, think about turning the engine off or sticking the car into first gear to use less fuel.

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